Tiger Conservation

ShowMe Tigers has a long history of taking care of animals great and small, both those in our care and around the world. Since 2015, we have raised and donated nearly $40,000 to directly support tiger conservation efforts in their range countries through the International Elephant Foundation and other non-profit organizations. We started with the critically endangered Sumatran tiger, supporting Conservation Response Units (CRUs) in Way Kambas National Park on the Indonesian island of Sumatra. These vital habitat patrols protect more than just tigers, including critically endangered Sumatran elephants, tapirs, pangolin, sun bears, and more. Because of the generosity and dedication to animals of ShowMe Tigers’ supporters, we were able to expand support to an additional area in Sumatra, the Seblat Nature Park, which is valuable habitat that would not exist without the protection of the CRU teams.

This year, the International Elephant Foundation reached out to us for help with a new project that focuses on communities in Nepal dealing with human-wildlife conflict. Living alongside tigers and elephants can be extremely dangerous, especially when livelihoods potentially bring people in contact with wildlife when relying on natural resources and farming. In 2019, 9 people were killed by tigers and more than 1,000 farmers lost their crops from elephants raiding their farms. ShowMe Tigers is supporting community outreach to support safe coexistence, Rapid Response Teams to drive wildlife away from human settlements, and a conservation education campaign in affected communities. This multifaceted approach will help enhance the lives of wild tigers and the people who must safely coexist alongside them if they are to survive. We are excited for this new project and the possibilities it allows for our own outreach and education activities while sharing our circus tigers domestically. We hope you will join us in supporting this exciting new project as we also continue “down the road” to a more personal path for our own tiger family, inviting you to visit our new forever home at Growler Pines Tiger Preserve.