Animal Care

Our lives are centered providing the best life for our tigers. To follow the three C’s of animal training is critical to build a strong relationship – ensuring our animals are cared for, comfortable and content. Concurrent with safety for both our animals and the public, the welfare of our tigers is our paramount priority. Our group of big cats consumes an average of 110 pounds of raw meat a day, treated with a specially-designed carnivore vitamin supplement and fish oil as well. We have a network of veterinarians and big cat specialists across the country with whom we consulted and visited during our travels to ensure our animals’ health and to provide monthly inspections to meet interstate transportYour requirements. Training, interaction and socialization help to maintain mental and physical stimulation for enriched lives.

Throughout our performance tours, ShowMe Tigers has amassed an incredible 32 consecutive, surprise inspections by the United States Department of Agriculture without a single issue, as well as countless local and state inspections nationwide. Inspectors review every aspect of our circus tigers’ lives, including record keeping, veterinary care, animal health, cleanliness, equipment maintenance / design and the handling of our animals. We are proud to both have such an incredible record which speaks for itself.

What is it about the tiger that inspires such passion, such perseverance, such dedication to give one’s life to their support and protection? For us at ShowMe Tigers and Growler Pines Tiger Preserve, it was a lifetime of growing up around exotic animals and making connections with some of those individual personalities that leave an everlasting impression on your soul. For those not so fortunate to have had such an upbringing, we invite you to our home so that you may #EncounterToInspire to be a part of something bigger than ourselves – to protect this beautiful world created for us before we lose more of what makes it so wonderful.