ShowMe Tigers

ShowMe Tigers was founded ten years ago to share our connection with our majestic animals and to educate about the proper care, husbandry and training our performing tigers received during their travels across the United States. Our presentation demonstrated and built upon the natural capabilities of tigers as well as their relationship with our trainer, focusing to build a beautiful choreographed presentation. Over the years we developed our education program to include question-and-answer sessions regarding our training techniques, our tiger family and a natural history of their wild cousins in their native ranges, focusing specifically on the threats they face for survival and how we are able to help make a difference.

Our goals over the years have evolved to build and focus more on our conservation efforts for and teaching the natural history of wild tigers. Cooperation between ShowMe Tigers and the International Elephant Foundation is helping to protect the wild tigers in their native habitat across Asia. Our funding, nearly $40,000 to date, directly supports the protection of crucial tiger habitat and the prevention of human-tiger conflict. Our plans for a permanent education and retirement facility of our animals began several years ago. The pandemic of Covid-19 in spring 2020 pushed these plans into fast-forward. We are privileged to be able to invite you to visit our animals at Growler Pines Tiger Preserve in the beautiful Red River Valley of Oklahoma.