Growler Pines Tiger Preserve is located in the beautiful Red River Valley of southeastern Oklahoma. We are a private facility only open to the public by reservation for guided encounters. Your tour of our home will allow you to meet our tigers and includes our unique hands-on demonstrations showing how we train and care for them through the building of personal relationships, time, patience and expertise. Afterwards, relax as you enjoy our tigers lounging comfortably and playing amongst themselves in our ever-growing habitats. These tours are personal and interactive – ask questions, learn more and share our passion for both animal care and conservation!

During your time with us, enjoy our special Lend A Paw experience in which unique, one-of-a-kind impressions of a tiger foot print are created with our tiger Zuri using kid’s washable finger paint. Each individual print represents a connection between the animal kingdom and mankind and the impression these majestic creatures leave on all who encounter them. These prints are available for purchase in our gift shop. Nowhere else in the world will you see tiger Finger Painting like this!

When you witness our relationship with our tigers in person at Growler Pines Tiger Preserve and share in our enthusiasm to care not only for our loved animals but to protect their wild counterparts, we will together make memories that will last a lifetime and #EncounterToInspire.